Monday, January 31, 2011

Consuming Culture

It's funny, I feel like the people I hang out with and I fancy ourselves above the consumer culture that defines the modern American Age. The truth is people like us, whatever "like us" means,and probably you (if you've stumbled across this blog) actually consume everything...collect everything. We collect records and clothes and comic books and nick nacks. We buy shit all the time, and you know...I'm OK with it.

Here's some of the cool shit I consumed, this week alone.

*disclaimer-I know these photos suck. I have this camera and I have no idea how to operate it properly. If you'd like to help me out with tips or pointers please email me at

1974 New Mexico State University Swastika Yearbook
I like to buy collegiate yearbooks that I find at thrift stores. This one is special because I can identify it's owner, it utilizes several cool paper qualities and for some insane reason the fine students of NMSU decided to name their publication The Swastika!!

Fanjana-A Collection of Recordings and Photography from Madagasikara
Another awesome release from Portland's Mississippi Records. This brand of music has rarely or never been recorded before and it comes with a sweet full-size booklet of photos. You can buy it here

The Teeets-More Bangs!
A solid cassette release from Tempe's The Teeets. They Shred YOBS and remind us that it's "not Phoenix's fault that you're hot"

Galena-Grave News For You..
Weird tape loop/sampler/drum machine stuff from Bay Area tape label Sanity Muffin. Cop it here

I finally got to see Emowars in their hometown of Flagstaff, AZ last weekend. Their sound will bring you back then thrust you forward

Monster Pussy-24 Hour Party Pussies
Monster Pussy is a Tucson band named after, I assume, the famous Vaselines song. I'm in love with these guys and the 7" cover was designed by AZ fixture, and my good friend, Bobby carlson

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunny Sealeopard and Walk-About Junction

One of the friends I've made since been in the desert is named Sunny Sealeopard. She is a very humany woman with a very animally name. She is an OG member of Y.O.B.S. which is a bicycle co-op and a D.I.Y. show space in these neck of the woods. There's really no woods, that's just an expression. Anyways, Sealeopard is also in a band called The Teeets. She's an all-around great gal and some these photos are from her art show last weekend, some are from Y.O.B.S. and some are just of things a came up on while on walk-about.

Train Brain

I rode with train with these two kids. They were drinking vintage Four Lokos and talking up a storm. Their conversation mostly consisted of tales of S-ing on D's and pulling T-strings from peoples V's. Flaming Blaque was wild n' out. Bleachy Pop Tart was a little tamer. That's not saying much.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm from the westside of Phoenix. The boys here still dress like it's the lowridin' sixties; white t's, wifebeats, Chuck Taylors and Dickies. A lot of people in this neighborhood have cursive tattoos of their girlfriend/boyfriend's name on their neck. I wonder how many of these people are still involved with the one who's name is on their neck. It's important to remember that you'll get several chances at romance but you only have one neck. If you're not from West Phoenix, please be careful there.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Los Angeles in a day

I live in the desert in the northwestern most part of town. If you drive south or east it will be 45 minutes before you get anywhere good and if you drive north or west it will be a lot longer than that. On Saturday we got in the car and drove north and west, further into the desert, past the windmills and old miners' shacks. We drove and we drove until a great city was born of the barren stillness. Beyond the great city was the ocean. We had been here before. We we were in Los Angeles.