Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Melodica King and the World's Best Island

Back in the day if a friend had a birthday, a friend i liked a lot, I would always get them one of several Trojan Records 7" box sets. Vinyl box sets are fucking cool, especially when they're 45s.

I would do this regardless if that friend was a fan of Reggae or Jamaican music. I aways felt like my friends who didn't appreciate Reggae just didn't understand it.

Me, myself have always had a minor obsession with the soundz of Jamaica. How could so many prolific artists and so much musical and recording innovation come from one, tiny, isolated Caribbean Island.

And, as if I need to tell you, Jamaica's hella gummy, so these pioneers in the audible arts were bobbing and weaving rude boys and manipulating reel to reel recording in grass huts. Lee Perry, legend goes, burned his own studio down twice. Incinerating with the structures his master tapes, never to be recovered.

Also, anyone familiar with the early days of UK Punk, knows that Reggae was the sound track to the seminal Roxy crowd, with Don Letts leading the charge.

One thing's for sure Augustus Pablo is the melodica king, Lee Perry is the main Upsetter and Trojan Records is the business.

Do They Owe Us a Living....Southern Style

So our lovely and talented friend, Chris Berdine recently traveled to North Carolina with his equally lovely and talented GF, Melissa. Melissa's native to the Confederate States and they were excited to visit some of her kinfolk.

While in Charlotte, they get a wild hair up their collective arse and head out to see some good 'ol hootin', hollerin', corn-holin' rock n' roll.

Chrissy sports, as he should, an Avocado Goth GRATEFUL THREAT logo T. Imagine the shock and awe on both sides of the fence when he runs smack dab into our buddy on the left side of the above image rocking a fucking GRATEFUL CRASS T!!!! Mind you, we don't know this kid and we're pretty positive he doesn't know us. Luckily, the southern stranger explained that the t-shirt was a one-off that he had screened for himself. Cheers mate! We likey a lot!

One thing's for sure, The Avo Goth Clan and our new Southern buddy are kindred spirits!! If you find us, get at us...


Monday, October 4, 2010

nehru jackets

nehru jackets is a blog i like about Indians and rap and stuff